Eventarc brings eventing to Cloud Run and is now GA

Back in October, we announced the public preview of Eventarc, as new eventing functionality that lets developers route events to Cloud Run services. In a previous post, we outlined more benefits of Eventarc: a unified eventing experience in Google Cloud, centralized event routing, consistency with eventing format, libraries and an ambitious long term vision.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Eventarc is now generally available. Developers can focus on writing code to handle events, while Eventarc takes care of the details of event ingestion, delivery, security, observability, and error handling.

To recap, Eventarc lets you:

Receive events from 60+ Google Cloud sources (via Cloud Audit logs).

Receive events from custom sources by publishing to Pub/Sub.

Adhere to the CloudEvents standard for all your events, regardless of source, to ensure a consistent developer experience.

Enjoy on-demand scalability and no minimum fees.

In the rest of the post, we outline some of the improvements to Eventarc since public preview.

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