A closer look at locations in Eventarc

New locations in Eventarc Back in August, we announced more Eventarc locations (17 new regions, as well as 6 new dual-region and multi-region locations to be precise). This takes the total number of locations in Eventarc to more than 30. You can see the full list in the Eventarc locations page or by running gcloud eventarc locations list .

What does location mean in Eventarc? An Eventarc location usually refers to the single region that the Eventarc trigger gets created in. However, depending on the trigger type, the location can be more than a single region:

Pub/Sub triggers only support single-region locations. Cloud Storage triggers support single-region, dual-region, and multi-region locations. Cloud Audit Logs triggers support single-region locations and the special global region. Before looking into trigger location in more detail, let’s look at other locations relevant in Eventarc.

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