Trying out source-based deployment in Cloud Run

Until recently, this is how you deployed code to Cloud Run:

Define your container-based app with a Dockerfile. Build the container image and push it to the Container Registry (typically with Cloud Build). Deploy the container image to Cloud Run. Back in December, we announced the beta release of source-based deployments for Cloud Run. This combines steps 2 and 3 above into a single command. Perhaps more importantly, it also eliminates the need for a Dockerfile for supported language versions.

Now you can finally go from source code to a running Cloud Run service with a single command and without having to worry about the complexities of creating a container image. It’s nice to finally see the Cloud Run deployment experience on par with Cloud Functions and App Engine.

Pleased to see that the source-based deployment is now generally available, I decided to take an existing sample of mine and convert it to use the source-based deployment.

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