Vertex AI Gemini generateContent (non-streaming) API

Introduction In my recent blog post, I’ve been exploring Vertex AI’s Gemini REST API and mainly talked about the streamGenerateContent method which is a streaming API. Recently, a new method appeared in Vertex AI docs: generateContent which is the non-streaming (unary) version of the API. In this short blog post, I take a closer look at the new non-streaming generateContent API and explain why it makes sense to use as a simpler API when the latency is not super critical. Read More →

Using Vertex AI Gemini from GAPIC libraries (C#)

Introduction In my previous Using Vertex AI Gemini REST API post, I showed how to use the Gemini REST API from languages without SDK support yet such as C# and Rust. There’s actually another way to use Gemini from languages without SDK support: GAPIC libraries. In this post, I show you how to use Vertex AI Gemini from GAPIC libraries, using C# as an example. What is GAPIC? At this point, you might be wondering: What’s GAPIC? Read More →

Using Vertex AI Gemini REST API (C# and Rust)

Introduction Back in December, Google announced Gemini, its most capable and general model so far available from Google AI Studio andGoogle Cloud Vertex AI. The Try the Vertex AI Gemini API documentation page shows instructions on how to use the Gemini API from Python, Node.js, Java, and Go. That’s great but what about other languages? Even though there are no official SDKs/libraries for other languages yet, you can use the Gemini REST API to access the same functionality with a little bit more work on your part. Read More →

C# library and samples for GenAI in Vertex AI

In my previous post, I talked about multi-language libraries and samples for GenAI. In this post, I want to zoom into some C# specific information for GenAI in Vertex AI. C# GenAI samples for Vertex AI If you want to skip this blog post and just jump into code, there’s a collection of C# GenAI samples for Vertex AI. These samples show how to invoke GenAI from C# for different use cases such as text classification, extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis and more using the C# client library. Read More →

Multi-language libraries and samples for GenAI in Vertex AI

You might think that you need to know Python to be able to use GenAI with VertexAI. While Python is the dominant language in GenAI (and Vertex AI is no exception in that regard), you can actually use GenAI in Vertex AI from other languages such as Java, C#, Node.js, Go, and more. Let’s take a look at the details. Vertex AI SDK for Python The official SDK for Vertex AI is Vertex AI SDK for Python and as expected, it’s in Python. Read More →