Trip report - Eight in-person conferences in eight weeks

Careful what you wish for My last in-person conference before the pandemic was NDC London back in January 2020. I distinctly remember being quite tired at the beginning of 2020. For me, 2019 had been a long year with 50+ speaking engagements at a variety of conferences all around the world. I just wanted to take a short break in early 2020. Little did I know that the short break would turn into a 2. Read More →

.NET Days in Zurich, Shift Conf in Split

Last week was a quite interesting week in terms of travel. First I got to visit Zurich again after a while for .NET Day and then I got to visit the Croatian coastal town Split for the first time for Shift Conference. .NET Days in Zurich When I used to work at Adobe, part of my team was based in Basel, Switzerland. As a result, I used to visit Basel, Zurich and other Swiss cities quite often. Read More →

Istanbul: The city where the East and the West meet

Istanbul is one of those crazy dynamic cities with friendly people, amazing history, great shopping and above all, a food heaven. Naturally, I was excited to be back for Java Day Istanbul conference. I came a day early to meet with a partner and visit a customer. They had lots of questions on Kubernetes and hybrid-cloud. It was quite useful for me to hear about their challenges about moving to the cloud and propose some solutions. Read More →