Introducing the new Cloud Storage trigger in Eventarc

Eventarc now supports a new Cloud Storage trigger to receive events from Cloud Storage buckets! Wait a minute. Didn’t Eventarc already support receiving Cloud Storage events? You’re absolutely right! Eventarc has long supported Cloud Storage events via the Cloud Audit Logs trigger. However, the new Cloud Storage trigger has a number of advantages and it’s now the preferred way of receiving Cloud Storage events. Let’s take a look at the details. Read More ↗︎

Get notified when an expensive BigQuery job executes using Eventarc and SendGrid

Events supported by Eventarc Last week, I put together a list of events supported by Eventarc in our eventarc-samples repo. Thanks to our docs team, this list is now part of our official docs under reference section. After looking at the full list, I started thinking about some use cases enabled by these events. I want to talk about one of those use cases today: How to get notified when an expensive BigQuery job executes? Read More →

Demystifying event filters in Eventarc

Eventarc enables you to read events from Google Cloud sources (via its Audit Logs integration) and custom sources (via its Pub/Sub integration) and then route them to Cloud Run services. The event routing rules are defined with a trigger. In a trigger, you specify the right event filters such as service name, method name, resource (which effectively defines the event source) and the target of the events (which can only be a Cloud Run service as of today). Read More ↗︎

Eventarc brings eventing to Cloud Run and is now GA

Back in October, we announced the public preview of Eventarc, as new eventing functionality that lets developers route events to Cloud Run services. In a previous post, we outlined more benefits of Eventarc: a unified eventing experience in Google Cloud, centralized event routing, consistency with eventing format, libraries and an ambitious long term vision. Today, we’re happy to announce that Eventarc is now generally available. Developers can focus on writing code to handle events, while Eventarc takes care of the details of event ingestion, delivery, security, observability, and error handling. Read More ↗︎

Eventarc - A unified eventing experience in Google Cloud

I recently talked about orchestration versus choreography in connecting microservices and introduced Workflows for use cases that can benefit from a central orchestrator. I also mentioned Eventarc and Pub/Sub in the choreography camp for more loosely coupled event-driven architectures. In this blog post, I talk more about the unified eventing experience by Eventarc. What is Eventarc? We announced Eventarc back in October as a new eventing functionality that enables you to send events to Cloud Run from more than 60 Google Cloud sources. Read More ↗︎

Introducing Eventarc in Pic-a-Daily Serverless Workshop

Pic-a-Daily Serverless Workshop As you might know, Guillaume Larforge and I have a Pic-a-Daily Serverless Workshop. In this workshop, we build a picture sharing application using Google Cloud serverless technologies such as Cloud Functions, App Engine, Cloud Run and more. We recently added a new service to the workshop. In this blog post, I want to talk about the new service. I also want to talk about Eventarc and how it helped us to get events to the new service. Read More →